I can't thank you enough for your teamwork and dedication to elevate our branding and create a beautiful and functional website. 

Our silent owners and investors in the company were blown away today, which is all I could have asked for. 

The launch with our founding Shapesetters this evening was equally exciting. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

beatrice purdy, CEO & Founder, MEasure & Made

JMAK is a full-service marketing & custom development agency. We specialize in branding companies of all shapes and sizes—from low-budget start-ups to businesses with 10+ years under their belt.

We infuse your stunning brand into a custom-designed website, powered by our CMS. The JMAK CMS allows you to design your website with the same stature of branding + creativity as an in-house designer, at a fraction of the cost.

Services include brand identity, website design + development, CMS, print media, photography, videography, custom development, SEO and consulting.

This JMAK website was built entirely with widgets using our CMS!

Never rest.

Always create solutions.